Powering Childcare Providers

Nembørn is the proven white label platform built for childcare providers. 

With extensive customization and powerful pedagogical features we have built a powerful, integrated and supported  solution for nursery and childcare providers.

Childcare Management System and Childcare app with the child in focus

One size doesn't fit all!

Your Solution and Your Pedagogics

The perfect nursery management system has a complete resemblance of your environment. That’s why we ask you to bring your own methods to us.

Implement your own practices and measures directly into the nembørn platform to best support the children. 

The Leading White-Label Solution

Don’t compromise with your own branding. Tailor the layout of the solution to your own discretion, to ensure no other carrier can give the same experience.

Use your own brand, logo, name and slogans for your solution, whether on the online platform or the native iOS and Android apps

One of many happy users of the child care management system and childcare app

The white-label solution of nembørn is exactly what we needed to modernize our nursery management while maintaining our own brand integrity.

Now over 7000 parents are to be connected to our nurseries across Hamburg, using the Kinderzimmer apps daily to communicate and collaborate with us.

Melf Kruse

Co-Founder & CFO, Kinderzimmer


Documentation & Dialogue

Increase parent engagement by enabling an easier dialogue and effectively documenting children’s learning throughout their entire early education


Capacity & Finance

Optimize your business by centralizing your operations into one system for capacity management and finance controls, all built for specifically for nurseries


Registration & Workforce

Use an integrated registration and workforce management system to effectively administrate your nurseries with check-in/out modules and automatic work scheduling

24/7 Support

Nembørn is developed with the top security standards in mind  and with 24/7 support you can be sure to built your nurseries on the platform. We maintain the highest standards of compliance whether in Europe or the rest of the world.

We are developing with a cloud-first mindset, to enable top performance and high availability.


Native iOS and Android apps

Get native iOS and Android applications with your own nursery name and logo in the respective app stores.