Effective registration and easy workforce management

Use an integrated registration and workforce management system to effectively administrate your childcare centers

Registration & Workforce


Check-in and out

Keep track of all children in your childcare whether on vacation or sick, by an easy and advanced registration system for your childcare workers and parents to use. 


Automatic work scheduling

Handle the work scheduling task with automatic staff schedule creation and automatic shift assignment for employees.

With artificial intelligence we create the most optimal and effective plan for your workforce and for your business


Centralize all necessary child information

Our information storage helps you centralize the child data for one source of truth. We can help minimize the paper workload of child information to ease the administrative burden of your childcare


Keep track of worker lifecycle

We help with human capital management to keep track of your workers lifecycles through the carrier. 

With a centralized employee dossier, time tracking and the employee app you can easily manage a large and everchanging workforce