Boost the conversation

Increase the engagement with parents by opening up your nursery with the nembørn Dialogue solution.

The total dialogue solution

Here is a snapshot of our features in the dialogue solution


Centralize all important information

Check-in and out

Check-in/check-out gives the staff a quick overview of children at any time. Control and record who is dropping off and picking up the children with an easy mobile app.

Vaccinations and Health

Record child vaccinations and health issues to maintain a safe learning environment for all children. 

Vacation and illness

Parents can report sickness, days off, vacation and make a daily note on their child’s wellbeing.

Sleep patterns and nappy changes

Make registrations of children’s health and welfare in details. Let the parents know in real-time when their child is fed, changed or put to sleep


Put the child in focus with documented learning


Document childrens activities through pictures and videos. All safely stored and visible in real-time to people with a legal permission.


Tag all files, photos, videos and other documentation with custom learning hashtags to put the child in focus.


Gather documentation, forms and files in centralized dossier for the child or the group to use for reporting and parent-teacher collaboration.


Report and document observations and situational observations on the child and the group for later reporting


Increased parent collaboration

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Automatically plan and hold parent-teacher conferences either virtual or at the nursery. Gather and send all the necessary documentation directly beforehand

Teaching plans

For every child, or group of children, we provide a schedule to clarify learning progressions and development. The nursery or preschool can provide their own learning themes and goals in collaboration with the child’s family.

Progress Management

Collaborate with parents on a progress management report on the child’s competencies and  progress over their time in the nursery


Let parents plan and schedule playdates between the children after the nursery day ends.


Communicate easily with parents


Show an integrated newsfeed of the children’s daily activities, planned changes or other communication for the parents on their own devices.

Messaging and SMS

Communicate easily and safely with parents through direct messaging, emails or SMS, directly through the dialogue solution.


Invite parents to answer surveys in the system, give special permissions or participate in upcoming events. All through their smartphones!