Boost the conversation

Increase the engagement with parents by opening up your nursery with nembørn Documentation & Dialogue

Documentation & Dialogue


Increased parent collaboration

With advanced progress management tools nembørn empowers a joint collaboration between parents and nursery to  accelerate children’s learning by diminishing the distance between home and nursery


Create more documented learning

Live up to your promises and document the impact your nursery have on the children’s development with images, videos and text. 

The exchange of information between daycare center and parents works much better than with notices on paper and can be really enriching for all sides due to new possibilities. 

And, that’s the most important thing: Nemborn saves time that we can spend with the children

Maren Lienau

Manager, Parakita


Communicate easily with parents

Use modern communication tools to keep in touch with parents and children both during the day and beyond. 

With newsfeeds, SMS, notifications and emails you can communicate easily and effectively with parents where they are



Share observations between the home and nursery easily and securely. With both situational and non-situational observations you can track the actions of the child over time